August Update by hodgkins2000
August 11, 2016, 5:04 pm
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Hi All

We`ll be meeting for short sessions on the first three Mondays in Septeptember as usual. I`m running out of time but thought I`d offer a couple of august possibilities if there is sufficient interest.

Some friends are going on Sun aUG 14 and Sat aug 20. I know that some members have passed the assessment and are thus able to book themselves on. Some others have not yet done the assessment and would therefore need to book one to allow them to paddle.It appeared that assessments were only available on Sat 20th at various time slots so this may apply to you However on phoning up it appears that limited time slots are in fact available this sunday (you will need some whitewater experience for this). Bearing in mind all the variations in people`s availability , time slot availability.transport and technological glitches (booking best by phone as long as you hang on )..If you are interested please get in touch with me asap. preferably by thursday this week email ot phone stating your availability and wheiher you need to do an assessment or not so that we can judge level of interest/feasabiliry in either weekend. I may be able to offer or arrange transport but it may be a case of you having to get there. Anyone interested let me know your thoughts , email or phone. Sometimes easier to explain on phone than a long email.
As far as I know the following have passed Lee Valley Assessment (either Legacy or Olympic) Max, Dodi, Tom G, Sam, Toby, Alfie , Mitchell. So are Hannah, Dan, Harry, Francesca anyone else interested. If so contact me and I`ll tell you the procedure.

We usually do this trip..suitable for ALL, in september but this year it will have to be Sunday 21st August. Good intro to white water and good for parents to drive (lots of nice tea shoppes !!). Let me know if interested by wednesday before at the latest

Future dates

Sunday 21st August – Symonds Yes – see above
Bank Holiday Monday – No Club
First 3 mondays in Sept Club as Usual
Sat Sept 24th Lasher Dash Fun Event based at Donnington Bridge Oxford. Hopefully someone from the club will coordinate this
Mon October 17th PYCC Presentation Evening for allmembers parents, friends. Presentations on the years activities, French Alpine Trip, Food and some wacky prizes. Preceded by AGM.

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July Update by hodgkins2000
July 5, 2016, 7:54 pm
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Hi All

This Saturday 9th July is Abingdon Blastathon a fun KCC/PYCC freestyle event on Abingdon We (reaaranged from 2 weeks ago due to unsuitable water levels). If you can blast in Abingdon Weir come along and do your thing. If you`d just like to watch , either turn up at the weir at 5pm or meet at the club at 4pm to paddle up with us. We plan a BYO BBQ at the club afterwards at the club. Dependent on suitable levels.

Monday 18th July. (i.e in just under 2 weeks time) On our club night we will have our traditional Try a Boat night outside the club where we get a variety of boats to try out for all in front of the club for a hour or so and then we have a barbeque ( burgers etc provided)…weather permitting. This will also be a welcome for the new members joining from the Beginners Course which finishes next week.


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Couple of events coming up by hodgkins2000
June 20, 2016, 9:46 pm
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SATURDAY 25th JUNE ABINGDON BLASTATHON.5pm Abingdon Weir or 4pm at the club to paddle up.
This is a joint KCC/PYCC Event. If you`re happy to blast in Abingdon Weir (levels permitting) come n blast otherwise come n watch this annual event . 2 x 45 second runs ….a chunkier version of the Ockathon.
SATURDAY/SUNDAY JULY 3/4. RIVER TRYWERYN, BALA NORTH WALES. This a dam release whitewater river with sections of grade 2/3/4. Suitable for those who have done a little whitewater (eg Nene, Symonds Yat or weirs). We will mix and match the sections to suit. We usually leave early Sat morning, paddle sat afternoon, camp (Bwch-yn-Uchaf, Llanuwchllyn LL237DD  and barbeque the sat night then paddle again the sunday. This trip is dependent upon sufficient transport and staffing levels. Cost fuel contribution, camping, barbeque food. Speak to me if you are interested.  I will need to know numbers and whether you can offer or need transport by monday 27th. Please email. Please also note, being a dam release river it is dependent upon final confirmation of the release usually on the previous thursday.
There is a possibility of some Abingdon Weir blasting practice on another night this week if you email me.
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Next Monday night cancelled and other news by hodgkins2000
May 10, 2016, 4:05 pm
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Hi All
Unfortunately we need to cancel our next session on next Monday 16th May. We`ll back and rockin` on Monday 23rd May before the half term break.
We had a great day at the Nene Whitewater Centre on Sunday. Record PYCC numbers, record weather!!


On Saturday June 4th it is Fun in the Park where we have a stand as usual. This year we are hoping to mount a simple come and try it event on the mill stream alongside our stand. II you can come along and help with any of this please let me know ASAP.


If you know anyone that wants to do the pycc Beginner`s Course starting on Monday 20th June 5.30-8.00 (staggered start with club night session) get them to be in touch with me asap as we`ve got 4 place s filled already and we haven`t advertised it much yet. 

Saturday June 25th we are intending to hold the BLASTATATHON on Abingdon Weir (levels permitting!!) along with Kingfisher.


Saturday/Sunday July2/3 Tryweryn North Wales Whitewater Weekend.


Spring 2016 Update by hodgkins2000
March 19, 2016, 9:33 am
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The nights are getting lighter and we`re preparing to get back on the river on Monday nights from the first week of the summer term MONDAY APRIL 11th . We meet at the club at 6.15 PM and due to early darkdown will be finishing 8.15 -8.30. Traditionally we always start the summer season with a car shuttle of people and boats to the top of the Ock and make a descent of that mighty watercourse back to the club via Tesco Trolley Falls and the mighty Ock Weir. Obviously this is all dependent upon water levels. We will change and load boats as soon as we arrive, so we may need help shuttling boats and or people to the top of the Ock (5 minute drive up Mill Rd.)

We have already scheduled a few things in at weekends and I`m hoping to run an FSRT Safety and Rescue Course (British Canoeing Course) at the club one daytime at a weekend ,but due to the ongoing site problems, cannot say exactly when this will be at the moment, it will probably be at a weekend July or August
Below are the dates we have scheduled in so far. Let me know of your interest in these events so that we we can judge interest/uptake.
For all trips we will need you to download a trip consent form from the website.

If you know anyone that would like to do the PYCC Beginner`s Course (4 Monday evening sessions 5.30- 8.00) starting Monday June 20th, please get them to email me NOW and complete a downloadable membership form (circle Beginner`s Course) and send to me payment.this includes membership of the club. First come first served and this always fills. If they want to know more they can email or phone me.

Can I ask that EVERYONE downloads the membership form from and brings it along on the first night OR email it direct to the secretary. This is for two reasons. Firstly we are supposed to get members to do this EVERY year to renew in order to ensure they are covered by BC insurance and secondly it ensures that the contact details we hold are up to date. If we can get this done by the first week it makes life considerably easier for all of us.

A few words about the site situation. Firstly thanks to all who came to the joint PYCC/KCC meeting and to those who sent messages of support, it is great to have such supportive members and parents to restore faith in human nature. We have, it seems at last been able to make some headway by extensive lobbying of Councillors, Director of the Army Sport Control Board and our MP Nicola Blackwood and various other people. As a result of this we have now been granted a stay of execution to stay on site for a year (maximum). We are now busily engaged in looking for a new site and have a meeting re a new site this week which looks promising. The last 6 weeks have been very difficult and frustrating but we are in a considerably better position than we were 3 weeks ago when we were facing imminent eviction. If we can find and develop a new site it will allow us to be masters of our own destiny. Any ideas or expertise always welcome.

Monday 11th April and every subsequent Monday, bank holidays excluded. CLUB NIGHT Meet 6.15 pm

Saturday 23rd April ABINGDON CLUBS AND SOCIETIES DAY. Guildhall Abingdon. We will have a display stand here. This is a very important event for recruitment and also because we need all the help we can get from the community to find anew site for next season. We need a few of you to come along and help man or woman the stand during the day. It`s a fun day, Mitchell and Charlie did it two years ago !! Speak to me for details!!

Sunday 24th April SYMOND`S YAT Good day out on an easy introductory rapid. Good for parents too.Easy viewing and tea shoppes !! Let me know asap of interested.
Sunday 1st May Nene Whitewater Centre Northampton OR River Teme Ludlow. Both great whitewater experiences for intros or experienced. Let me know as soon as possible if interested.

Sunday 8th May NENE WHITEWATER CENTRE NORTHAMPTON. Great for first timers whitewaterizers and experienced. Let me know if interested. Prior form filling necessary for ALL, each year unfortunately.

Sat/Sun May 21/22 Younguns Freestyle Event Weekend at the Tryweryn North Wales. Downriver “Sickline Event” on the Saturday. Freestyle Event in the top hole on the sunday. Let me know if interested. A reasonable roll useful,uk

Fri-Mon Bank Hol Wknd 27-30 May.PEMBROKESHIRE PADDLING/COASTEERING WEEKEND organised by Lenny and Kate. Contact Lenny or Kate for details.

Saturday 4 June FUN IN THE PARK (and MUSIC IN THE PARK) Abbey Grounds Abingdon. Similar to Clubs and Societies Day onlg bigger and better in the park. We have a stand and again need your help throughout the day. Great for recruitment and making important contacts in our search for a new site. Let me know if you can help.

Mondays June20/27 July 4/11 BEGINNER`S COURSE starts 5.30 (earlier than club session). Tell anyone you know who wants to do this to get in touch with me NOW to book a place. Always fills up and first come, first served.
Mondays June 27 July 4/11. Two Star + Canoe and Kayak Skills. Brushing Up for those that want

Saturday 25th June Abingdon CHRIS WHEELER MEMORIAL BLASTATHON Abingdon Weir 4pm at club or 5pm at weir. Come and Blast and/or come and watch !! Followed by a BYO BBQ at the club.

Sat/Sun 2/3 July (provisional date to be confirmed) TRYWERYN TRIP North Wales . Great white water weekend on this dam release river. Grades 2/3/4. Camping Sat night. Let me know if interested.

Fri 22-Wed 27 July ALPINE WHITEWATER TRIP Durance Valley, Savoie, France.

Other Odds and Ends
Anyone with the necessary prerequisites that wants to do BC Coach training, 4 Star and or white water safety courses, you need to find yourself a course provider (I can advise on this) and I can then advise on how to go about getting some assistance with funding.
Two and 3 star (whitewater) we can arrange within the club if you speak to me.

If you ,as members. have your own email want to be included on the club emailing in addition to parental emails please let me know. Same goes for personal mobiles. If you want to be included in the PYCC FB group you need to request this to me by email to be added.

If anyone is interested in a new design pycc T shirt and we get sufficient interest we can get some done. Let Tom Marsh know if you`re interested.

See y`all on the 11th

January mini-update by hodgkins2000
January 12, 2016, 8:23 am
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Pool Sesh this Thursday 14th January 8-9.30pm as usual at Our Lady`s Pool

WW River DayTrip to Wales Say 16th CANCELLED
As there was not a sufficient response to this, I have had no choice but to cancel. I`m very busy for the next few weekends but if there is interest I could do a local WINDRUSH near Witney trip on SATURDAY 6th FEBRUARY. An interesting river when at winter levels with moving water, trees, waves and an interesting little 1.5m drop. Winter conditions apply. Speak/email me if interested.
I`m willing to try and arrange a welsh whitewater trip IF there is interest, the second half of February/beginning of March before we lose the water. Let me know if interested.

See y`all at the pool on Thursdayp

December Update by hodgkins2000
December 11, 2015, 1:13 pm
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Hi AllThis is a pre Christmas update so Ho Ho Ho and a Happy Christmas to you all. 

Over the last few months we`ve had some good well attended pool sessions as well as a great well attended Dartmoor Rivers Weekend, four rivers in the weekend including quite exciting water levels on the Saturday. The following weekend some of us took part in the Hurley Classic freestyle and boatercross event which, whilst we couldn`t compete with the international freestylers for points, we all had a great time in what was an inclusive and spectacular event of cold weekend event. Pics and vids are on the PYCC facebook page. If you would like to join this FB page you need to send me an email, I will then put you on and all you have to do is accept.


Coming Events


Thursday December 10th. Pool Sesh 8.00-9.30 . I won`t be there but the rest of Team PYCC will be.
Sunday 20th December. KCC are organising an informal Christmas themed paddle from the hut around Swift Ditch to which PYCC are invited. Sunday 20th December. Morning, time to be advised. The idea is to bring mince pies etc to have at the top of the ditch. All welcome but please remember this is winter paddling so appropriate dress needed. Club equipment can be used. Please let me know beforehand if you would like to come


Christmas.New Year time during school holidays. Assuming Hurley Weir is open we will arrange an informal visit, probably mid week. Let me know if interested.


Pool Dates for the New Year Thursdays same time same place. Jan 14, 28th Feb 11th.


Sat January 16th Whitewater River Day Trip This is provisional on water levels , staffing and transport. Suitable for those with some whitewater experience. Location will depend on water and weather but probably mid or south Wales. As usual winter kayaking conditions apply. Let me know if you are interested.


Hoodies/New design??

Is there any interest in a new batch of newly designed PYCC hoodies? We would need a minimum order to make this a goer and money would need to be collected up front ? Also if anyone would like to submit ideas for a design for the back and or maybe even a new logo idea that would be very welcome. Charles Leveroni is a designer and can work on any design ideas submitted. Tom Marsh has volunteered to take this on. We need to know (a) whether you would buy a new hoody (price approx. £25 and (b) whether you have any ideas for hoody back design and or logo? Please let Tom know.Obviously it is only worth spending time on this if there are sufficient numbers.


First Aid Course. BC qualification course funding

KCC are organising a two day REC certificated First Aid Course some tIme in the New Year where there may be places for PYCC members. Let me know if you`re interested. Really useful/essential for those doing coaching/leading courses.

Also for those looking for funding to do BC recognised coaching, leading and safety qualifications the deadline for getting some southern region funding will be sometime beginning of March. Speak to me for more details on any of this.

I will be running a BC Foundation Safety and Rescue Course at the Club (one day at a weekend) which will be very cheap for PYCC members. This will be sometime after we start back on the river and it warms up!!

Think that`s all for now.

See ya soon


Finally if anyone is looking to sell or buy a boat it`s worth letting me know so that I can circulate the info when I do an email.


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